Hands-on videos of the iPhone X begin to show up on YouTube

The videos give us a better look at FaceID, gesture navigation, and the overall design of the iPhone X.

iPhone X: Nine can't-miss new features

Apple recently held a special hands-on demo session for a select group of popular YouTube channels. Several new videos appeared on YouTube Monday morning, each one giving us a better glimpse of the iPhone X as a whole.

For example, this video shows off the setup process for FaceID, Apple's new biometric security feature. The user will need to scan his or her face, moving it in a circular motion, allowing the iPhone X to map their face.

Apple will charge $279 to repair the iPhone X screen (CNET/CBS Interactive).

Another reoccurring feature shown Animojis use the TrueDepth camera to animate emoji characters are also found throughout the videos.

One common complaint in the videos is the adjustment not having a home button on the iPhone X is going to require. Instead of pressing or double-pressing the home button to navigate to the home screen or between apps, users swipe up from the bottom of the screen or from side-to-side.

Below is one of the many videos (which you can find here, here, and here). The iPhone X sure does look nice!

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