Happy days for Black Duck

So let's hear it for the little black duck. Black Duck Software.
Written by Dana Blankenhorn, Inactive

With people losing their livelihoods left and right, it's gratifying to find someone with unalloyed good news to report, especially if they come out of the open source movement.

So let's hear it for the little black duck. No, not that oneBlack Duck Software.  

Black Duck's business is tracking the use of open source, and complying with all licenses, in the enterprise. This helps break down one of the key objections to open source, by automating what would be a substantial legal hassle.

Black Duck also owns Koders, a database of open source code used by many companies around the world. This makes open source code highly attractive by making it highly available.

All of which, apparently, means money, profits, and jobs. Happy days. I know it's still mid-February, but I needed a little Christmas.

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