Hara app now includes ability to add supply chain relationships

Latest version of environmental and energy management product now supports EPA's mandatory reporting rule requirements.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Marking a continued shift in the evolution of enterprise carbon and energy management software, the latest update to Hara Environmental and Energy Management now includes a feature that helps companies included information from their "value chain" as part of their analysis of environmental data.

The new capability is actually a new module for the core application, which is offered on a subscription basis. So, if you're a current Hara customer (the company's name is pronounced "hurrah!") chances are you will have to pay more for the capability. The Value Chain features allow you to add data from suppliers of product goods and services, transportation partners, third-party warehouse operations and logistics companies. The feature was added at the request of Hara customers, says Udo Waibel, chief technology officer and Hara cofounder. Generally speaking, any current Hara customer will need to "opt in" to the new features before their experience changes, he says.

Two other big things in the updated release:

  1. Support for languages including Chinese, French, German, Japanese Portuguese, and Spanish
  2. The ability to look at energy efficiency metrics at the asset level (ala for a specific piece of heating ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC)

Incidentally, even though Hara doesn't have hundreds of customers, it has some very high-profile ones from the municipal and corporate worlds including the City of Philadelphia, the City of Las Vegas, Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Intuit and Safeway.

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