Hardware 2.0 WWDC "blogging the blogs" coverage

Unfortunately a series of prior commitments meant that I couldn't make it to WWDC 08. Since I can't be there, I've decided to do the second best thing and cover WWDC from the angle of "blogging the blogs."

Unfortunately a series of prior commitments meant that I couldn't make it to WWDC 08. Since I can't be there, I've decided to do the second best thing and cover WWDC from the angle of "blogging the blogs."

So, here I am sitting in front of three systems (none of which are Macs, a fact which doesn't makes me feel inadequate in the least), with several instances of Firefox 3.0 RC2 running with about fifteen to twenty tabs open in each window and I'll be bringing you the developments as they happen, along with thoughts and other commentary.

The sites/pages (in no particular order) that I'm going to be paying close attention to:

9:41 PT: Here's some flickr goodness to keep you occupied.

9:46 PT: Cool goodies.

9:50 PT: Crowds galore!

9:53 PT: Gizmodo catches a photos of someone who lets us know how he feels about Windows ...

9:56 PT: Looking for live audio feed? Check out this link.

10:02 PT: Still waiting for Steve to make an appearance ...crowds taking some time to settle. I wonder why? ;-)

10:05 PT: The stage is set ... few minutes to go according to Apple Gazette ...

10:06 PT: Kick off ... !

10:10 PT: Exchange integration is in iPhone 2.0 software out of the box. WPA/WPA2, 802.1x, EAP, LEAP, PEAPv0, PEAPv1 ...

10:12 PT: 250K iPhone developers registered. iPhone 2.0 tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange. 35% of Fortune 500 companies involved in iPhone enterprise beta.

10:18 PT: Apple opens up full API to developers. Uses OS X kernel. Same source code as Mac OS X. Parental controls too ...

10:19 PT: Fast implementation of OpenGL included.

10:19 PT: Demo time ... Cocoa Touch app ... Scott Forestell builds an app. Seems very easy to build sophisticated apps. Hmmm ...

10:21 PT: Demo uses the built-in Address Book API to access contacts. The demo app shows contacts within a 10-mile radius. Neat.

10:24 PT: One-click to build code for the iPhone after testing in the simulator. As a development platform the iPhone has matured a lot.

10:25 PT: Amazing feedback from developers for the iPhone SDK.

10:27 PT: Select developers invited onto stage to demo apps they created. SEGA Super Monkey Ball. Super Monkey Ball will sell for $9.99 on the Apple App Store.

10:29 PT: David Pogue calls the iPhone the third major computer platform.

10:30 PT: eBay on stage demoing iPhone app.

10:31 PT: Buyer/seller watchlist app.Tightly integrated with eBay site. Bid on items ...

10:32 PT: According to MG Siegler, Apple stock down 2%.

10:35 PT: Next up, Loopt. A location-aware social network. This app will be free on the iPhone.

10:36 PT: Next up, TypePad. Easy blogging via the iPhone. Free on launch ...

10:37 PT: All this talk of apps appearing in the App Store "when the app store launches" seems to indicate that this won't be launching today.

10:39 PT: Next up, Associated Press ... local news from trusted sources. Watch video from new network. Share stories, report news direct to AP. Another free download.

10:42 PT: Pangea Software - touch gaming with Enigmo. Three days to get game levels up and running ...

10:44 PT: iPhone becomes the steering wheel for the driving game (CroMag Rally, a 3D caveman racing game). Neat. Nintendo might have something to worry about ... games will cost $9.99.

10:47 PT: Mark Terry from Moo Cow Music demos an app called Band. Virtual piano, drums ...

10:49 PT: MLB.com Jeremy Schoenherr demos an app called At Bat, which shows games, stats, live game info ...

10:52 PT: Modality - Some sort of medical flash card app ...

10:53 PT: Dozen of so medical apps available within weeks of launch ...

10:53 PT: Now onto medial imaging software by MIMvista ... kinda fringe but emphasizes enterprise angle. Prototype and product definition done in a week ... uses pinch, double tap, panning ... apps sound doctor/patient ... interesting.

10:57 PT: Next up, game from Digital Legend Entertainment. Huge emphasis all round on rapid development. Game took four days to port, two weeks to finish. Using accelerometer to jump in game, while OpenGL allows full 3D quality graphics.

11:00 PT: One feature request - notifications for apps that aren't running.

11:03 PT: Steve pokes fun at the Windows Mobile task manager.

11:04 PT: Unified push notification ... available Sept.

11:05 PT: Contact search on the iPhone. Cheers all round! Word, Excel and PowerPoint support. Full iWork document support. Landscape scientific calculator. Save images from emails ... Bulk delete and move ... what about copy and paste???

11:06 PT: New language support. Simplified Chinese input support, you draw the characters with your finger ...

11:07 PT: iPhone firmware update free, iPod touch down to $9.95.

11:10 PT: App Store to launch on early July in 62 countries ... Developers will keep 70% of the revenue, no charge for free apps. FairPlay DRM will wrap applications.

11:11 PT: Secure way for enterprise to deliver apps.

11:12 PT: Also, ad-hoc distribution to up to 100 iPhones.

11:14 PT: MobileMe - Push email and calendar. Works with Mac, PC and iPhone. Tightly integrated into iPhone. Works with Mail.app, iCal, Address Book, and Outlook too ...

11:14 PT: OK, this is cool, but where's the new iPhone? 3G? Hellllloooooooo ....

11:17 PT: Me.com email addresses ... Mobile Me service: mail, contacts, photo gallery.Drag & drop support. This seems overhyped to me ... will take a lot to beat Google apps.

11:20 PT: iDisk is integrated into Me.com. More images.

11:24 PT: Near instant sync. Fuss-free push technology in action.

11:27 PT: Free 60-day trial. Replaces .mac. $99/year that comes with 20GB of storage online.

11:28 PT: Steve's talking about the iPhone ... 90% customer satisfaction, 98% are browsing. 90% use text, 84% using at least 10 features

11:30 PT: Steve mentions 3G!

11:31 PT: "Need to make iPhone more affordable" ... The iPhone 3G ... plastic back ... black back ...metal buttons ... same display ... camera ... flush headphone jack ... better audio.

11:33 PT: iPhone 3G, that's the name folks! Speed trial now comparing 3G and Edge ... 3G speed approaches WiFi.

11:35 PT: Images on Engadget ...

11:39 PT: Stand by time - 300 hours ... 5 hours 3G talk time ... 5-6 hours browsing ... 7 hours video ...24 hours audio (image here).

11:39 PT: iPhone 3G has GPS. Makes tracking possible.

11:41 PT: Distribute in 6 countries today, goal of 12 countries for iPhone 3G, and a stretch goal of getting to 25 countries over next several months.

11:43 PT: Every country that has a 3G network will get the iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G will be in 70 countries by the end of the year.

11:45 PT: Pricing - 8GB $199/16GB $299. White model also available (16GB only ...). Oh, and guess what, a new ad too ... "Finally, the first phone to beat the iPhone ..."

11:46 PT: Launches July 11th in 24 countries. Replaying ad ...

11:50 PT: Steve says: "Go make some great products!" Well, there you have it.


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