Herbless the hacker supports petrol protest

Herbless strikes again defacing over 100 sites, but reveals sensitive side in message about protestors

The ongoing petrol crisis sparked a politically minded cracker to deface more than one hundred corporate Web sites Thursday, posting messages in support of protesters against high fuel prices.

The cracker -- Herbless -- who has targeted numerous UK Web sites in recent weeks including government sites and Legoland, defaced a wide range of corporate Internet sites with a heart-warming message of support for protestors.

"This web-page has been hacked as a public protest against government greed," reads his defacement. "I urge you to help the protest using any non-violent, non-abusive means possible. If you live near a picket-line, go and give your support. Applaud the lorry drivers. Make cups of tea and sandwiches for the picketers. Write to you MP pledging your support."

The prolific Herbless now has an array of Web defacements under his belt using prominent Web sites to spread political opinions. Defacing government Web sites last month, Herbless criticised the government's stance on smoking. Last week he attacked Legoland and lashed out at the Motion Picture Association of America over the DeCSS legal battle.

The latest attack comes just a few days after the OPEC Web site was defaced over petrol prices in Europe.

The Web page graffiti artist typically uses a vulnerability in the configuration of SQL databases to carry out his defacements.

The international cost of fuel has caused in an upsurge of petrol prices across Europe in recent months. In protest, truckers have blockaded UK oil refineries demanding that the government lower the cost of petrol which has resulted in a drought at many petrol stations in the UK and induced panic buying among car owners.

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