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Hey Trivia Buffs: 12 Not-So-Easy Questions About Mobile Phones

Test your knowledge about mobile phone trivia with this it's-almost-the-weekend quiz.

If you're like me, you either read so much about mobile phones and gadgets or have worked long enough in this industry that you probably think you've got a pretty good handle on mobile phone trivia.

But after watching this short (3 min) Sybase video, The Growth of Mobile, I was pleasantly surprised at how much new information I was able to learn.

I've created a short quiz based on the video for you to test your knowledge. Check out the video afterward to see how many you got right. No points for cheating and consulting Wikipedia!

1) What year did Ericsson produce the first fully automatic mobile phone system?

a) 1949

b) 1956

c) 1968

d) 1971

2) What was the name of the first handheld cellphone?

a) The Ericsson GA628

b) The Motorola MicroTAC 8000X

c) The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

d) The Bell Hal 9000

3) The first commercial cellphone sold in 1973 for $3,995. How much is that in today's dollars?

a) $18,850

b) $45,600

c) $9,900

d) $19,300

4) The world's smallest smartphone is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its tiny dimensions (2.8 inches by 1.5 inches) and weight (1.5 ounces). What is its name?

a) The Modu

b) The Itty Bitty Phone

c) The MicroBerry

d) The ZeroDroid

5) In Q1 this year, 315 million phones were sold worldwide. What % were smartphones?

a) 5%

b) 12%

c) 19%

d) 31%

6) There are 6.8 billion people worldwide. How many mobile subscriptions are there?

a) 3 billion

b) 4 billion

c) 5 billion

d) 6 billion

7) One in ten people have a second phone that is...

a) a smartphone.

b) kept secret from other family members.

c) a carrier-unlocked device.

d) an iPhone.

8) Motorola's RAZR phone launched in 2004 and was a huge hit. How many were sold total in 4 years?

a) 75 million

b) 90 million

c) 110 million

d) 130 million

9) By comparison, the Apple iPhone has been around for a little more than 3 years. How many have been sold to date?

a) 44.6 million

b) 59.6 million

c) 64.9 million

d) 75.8 million

10) By the end of 2010, what % of companies will have deployed iPhones, says Aberdeen Group?

a) 29%

b) 38%

c) 44%

d) 53%

11) How many text/multimedia messages will be sent worldwide this year?

a) 4.5 trillion

b) 5.9 trillion

c) 6.1 trillion

d) 6.5 trillion

12) Which of these can you do using SMS on your mobile phone?

a) Pay for parking

b) Buy a soda from a vending machine

c) a and b

d) neither a nor b


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