Hillary TV broadcasts on YouTube

YouTubers meet Hillary Clinton.
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor on
The official “Friends of Hillary” have uploaded Hillary Clinton’s “I’m In” broadcast (professionally) herself presidential campaign video announcement to YouTube, at the official “hillarydotcom” subscriber channel. 

The official upload of the official video is not a viral video sensation. Over the past week, about 550 video views have been logged, eight YouTubers have subscribed to the channel and two comments have been posted: “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” and  “smart.”

Unofficial friends of Hillary are also letting YouTubers know Hillary is “in, and in to win”:


Solonyc: 4854 views
gatewaypundit: 353 views
bodifar: 511 viewsa
hankidic: 557 views
gpanger07: 887 views
ssdesv: 135 views…




YouTube advertisers are jumping on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon as well, hoping to profit from her coattails with Hillary themed messaging. The ad above appears in a video search for “Hillary Clinton.”


See Hillary TV: Will ‘User Generated Politics’ get Clinton to the White House? for a discussion on how Presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton is hoping to have a “conversation” with YouTubers and each and every voting “local market of one.”

That is why I will be following the Clinton "conversation" to the White House, here, at this Digital Markets Blog, along with the “conversations” of Clinton's competing presidential hopefuls Barack Obama, John Edwards, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani…Presidential Campaign 2008:

The rise of “USER GENERATED POLITICS,” at Digital Markets.

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