Hitachi shows its Telecom 99 hand

Hitachi will introduce optical networking gear at Telecom 99 in October.

Hitachi today announced it plans to roll out next-generation networking products at the Telecom 99 technology show in Geneva, Switzerland, which starts the week of 10 October.

The giant Japanese electronics company plans to focus its exhibit on optical network transmission gear. Part of its Optical IP Network Solutions Zone showcase will include next-generation transmission gear based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology. DWDM gear is designed to increase the data-carrying capacity of fibre-optic networks by dividing a single fibre strand into multiple channels, or wavelengths, each capable of moving data at speeds of several gigabits per second.

In addition, Hitachi plans to exhibit high-speed Synchronous Optical Network gear, a high-speed router and satellite transmission equipment.

Held every four years, Telecom 99 brings together thousands of telecommunications equipment makers from around the world for the weeklong event.