Homebrew patch for HP TouchPad reenables Hulu

Hulu disabled the ability to play its videos on the HP TouchPad a few days ago to the concern of owners. A homebrew patch makes it a simple process to get Hulu videos playing again.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on

Early adopters of the HP TouchPad, and there apparently weren't many of us, were happy to see that Hulu videos would play on the new tablet out of the box. Hulu has been quick to disable its videos on devices in the past, but the TouchPad slipped under the radar. Unfortunately, one of the negative aspects of the TouchPad's rise to fame with the cancelation of the device by HP was Hulu's disabling of its videos on the tablet.

TouchPad owners flocked to the user forums to complain about Hulu turning off the tap, and the homebrew community got to work on the issue. Yesterday a patch appeared on the Preware system for those who have the testing feeds enabled. A simple tap of the Install button, a quick reboot and my TouchPad is happily playing Hulu once again.

This patch requires you first get Preware working, which you should to take advantage of the performance-enhancing patches. Then carefully follow the instructions on the testing feeds activation and you'll see the Hulu fix patch.

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