How soon is now: Waiting for broadband

It was originally promised for March, then June and finally September. Now it looks like consumers could wait even longer to get their hands on ADSL

We should have got our hands on it by now but it seems that the World Wide Wait that ADSL promised to end could more accurately be used to describe the delay in rolling out the technology. Delay is a word that is becoming increasingly synonymous with ADSL as BT finds excuse after excuse not to roll it out. The latest of these is that its manual order-handling system will not be able to cope with the demand from other operators as the local loop begins to unbundle early next year. Previously BTopenworld -- the newly created ADSL wing of the telco -- expressed doubts over whether it would be able to cope with rollout of both business and consumer services due to a shortage of engineers. Meanwhile telecoms watchdog Oftel has found itself going head to head with the EC over the timetable for unbundling of the local loop, which is seen by experts as essential to competitive broadband rollout. Last week it announced that it was sticking to the original timetable for unbundling despite the EC's determination to push the timetable forward to the end of this year. OTHER ROLLOUT 'HIGHLIGHTS':
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