How to check your stress levels and heart rate on your mobile phone

Stress Check is one of several apps from Palo Alto, Calif. start-up Azumio. The company's first app, Instant Heart Rate, has been downloaded 8 million times. I got a demo of both apps.

Feeling stressed is one thing. But what if there was a way to quantify it? A few weeks ago, Palo Alto-based startup Azumio launched a Stress Check app that claims to measure your stress levels.

Their first app, Instant Heart Rate has already been downloaded 8 million times. Unlike most apps out there, these health apps don't require extra accessories. Azumio co-founder Bojan Bostjancic explained how the light in the camera's flash can measure blood flowing through your finger for patterns that would elevate stress hormones. The light can tell subtle changes in color on the skin's surface that reflect the person's blood flow patterns. The same technology is used for the heart rate app, but less time is needed (see the demo below).

"Increasing awareness of heart rate and stress levels among your social network of friends is extremely important," he told me during the interview. "Studies show that the more people are socially connected, the less they are affected by chronic diseases."

Note: Over the past week, I've been using the apps to see how different situations affect me. It's been interesting to see how my stress levels change throughout the day and see what situations get my heart racing.

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