Privacy 101: How to always find your iPhone again

Losing your iPhone used to be a headache. Now, not so much. Just make sure you turn this feature on.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Lost your iPhone? No matter where you are in the world, you can always ask it to phone home.

Your iPhone comes with a feature -- the aptly named "Find my iPhone" -- which if it's lost or stolen can be pinged from any web browser or another iPhone or iPad.

"Find my iPhone," also available for iPads and Macs, lets you see on a map where your iPhone's current location is or its last-known location. You can also make your iPhone audibly ring out if you've lost it in the near vicinity, or you can set it into "lost mode," which locks your phone and displays a phone number on your lock screen.

And should the worst happen, you can remotely wipe your device in case it was stolen.

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Turning on the feature is easy, and it takes less than a minute.

1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone.

2. Go to iCloud.

3. Scroll down to Find my iPhone (or Find my iPad if you own an iPad.)

4. Make sure that Find my iPhone is switched on. You will also have the option to switch on Send Last Location, which will let you recover the last-known location of your device if the battery runs out or the device is turned off.

And that's it. If you ever need to use the feature, login to your iCloud.com on the web or download the Find my iPhone app.

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