How to update classrooms: Rethink the teacher 'brand'

Uninspiring classroom images don't give teachers the credit they deserve.

Earlier this week, SmartPlanet talked about the critical nature of branding and just how important names, logos and slogans are when developing (or reinventing) a business. But could the same principles that saved companies like Apple and McDonald's be applied to underappreciated professions like teaching?

Studio 360, a public radio program that has asked graphic designers to rebrand everything from the board game Monopoly to the gay pride flag, says yes.

After receiving a call from a frustrated teacher who was fed up with the clichéd apple and ABC iconography of her profession, the program asked Brooklyn design studio Hyperakt to rethink the hackneyed images that so frequently adorn classroom walls.

With a goal to “create a sophisticated visual vocabulary that reflects the multidimensional role of the teacher," Hyperakt designers Vakser Zeltser and Deroy Peraza settled on the theme of “connecting the dots."

“Connecting the dots allows us to create a boundless visual language that celebrates teaching and learning in a way we can all be proud of,” the designers say on their website.

Bright yellow hues and the “approachable” Chevin font provide the images with a sense of optimism, while the word “teach” is used to imply an active profession.

Naturally, the designers acknowledge that spruced up classrooms are not a cure-all for a field that is beleaguered by scarce job opportunities and low pay.

Fast Co.Design reports:

“We won’t pretend that a fresh coat of paint on the visual language used to represent teachers is going to solve all of the problems [facing the profession],” Peraza says. “But we do believe that attracting the brightest minds to the profession can sow the seeds of change. A visual language that does justice to the intellectual and creative development teachers help guide in students could be a powerful asset in attracting talent to the profession and instilling pride in teachers across the board.”

The posters and icons of the education rebrand are available for download on Hyperakt’s site and can be personalized with a teacher’s location and subject matter. To see the complete collection, click here.

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Images: Hyperakt

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