HP launches Hybrid Cloud product and services barrage

HP launches a long list of products and both professional and training services in the hopes of positioning itself as a go-to Cloud solution provider. Better design and more openness are HP's rallying points.
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HP LogoHP launched a dizzying array of products and services in the hope of positioning itself as a premier supplier for the Cloud. As with other HP launches, the list of products is too extensive to really understand what's being offered in any detail.

Here's what HP said about their new products and services

HP’s new offerings address the key areas of client needs – building differentiated cloud offerings, consuming cloud services from the public domain, and managing, governing and securing the entire environment.

Building a hybrid environment

As organizations work to achieve an agile service-delivery approach, they must develop, deploy, manage and secure IT services across public and private clouds as well as traditional IT delivery models.

HP continues to expand its cloud ecosystem with new partners, offerings and programs:

  • New HP CloudSystem integrations with Alcatel-Lucent enable communications services providers to deliver high-value cloud services using carrier-class network and IT. The combination of IT infrastructure, software and telecommunications-grade network lets communications services providers automate the provisioning and management of cloud resources through a highly reliable network.
  • HP CloudAgile Service Provider Program offers service providers expanded sales reach, an enhanced services portfolio and an accelerated sales cycle through direct access to HP’s global sales force. HP has expanded the program with its first European partners and with new certified hosting options that enable service providers to deliver reliable, secure private hosted clouds based on HP CloudSystem.
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix 7.0, the core operating environment that powers HP CloudSystem, enables clients to build hybrid clouds with push-button access to externally sourced cloud-based IT resources with the industry’s first out-of-the-box “bursting capability.” This solution also includes automatic, on-demand provisioning of HP 3PAR storage to reduce errors and speed deployment of new services to just minutes.
  • The comprehensive HP Cloud Protection Program spans people, process, policies and technologies to deliver the same level of security for a hybrid cloud as a private IT environment would receive. Addressing one of the biggest hindrances to organizations moving to a cloud environment, the new program includes comprehensive strategy, roadmap, design and implementation services built on a common reference architecture. The program is supported by a Cloud Protection Center of Excellence that enables clients to test HP solutions as well as partner and third-party products that support cloud and virtualization protection.
    • HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Compute now automates distribution of application workloads across multiple servers to improve application performance. Clients also can improve data protection through new backup and restore options while also provisioning and managing additional virtual local area networks within their cloud environment. A new HP proof-of-concept program allows clients to evaluate the service for existing workloads prior to purchase.
    • HP Enterprise Cloud Services for SAP Development and Sandbox Solution enable clients to evaluate and prototype functionality of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software via a virtual private cloud, using a flexible, consumption-based model.

    • Three HP ExpertONE certifications – HP ASE Cloud Architect, HP ASE Cloud Integrator and HP ASE Master Cloud Integrator – which are the first cloud certifications that encompass business and technical content.
    • Expanded HP ExpertONE program includes five of the industry’s largest independent commercial training organizations that deliver HP learning solutions anywhere in the world. The HP Institute delivers an academic program for developing HP certified experts through traditional two- and four-year institutions, while HP Press has expanded self-directed learning options for clients.
    • HP Cloud Curriculum from HP Education Services offers course materials in multiple languages covering cloud strategies that have successfully increased enterprise agility and reduced costs. Learning is flexible, with online virtual labs, self study, classroom, virtual classroom and onsite training options offered through more than 90 HP education centers worldwide.
    • Driven by HP Financial Services, HP Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Cloud Roundtables help CFOs understand the benefits and risks associated with the cloud, while aligning their organizations’ technology and financial roadmaps.
    • HP Storage Consulting Services for Cloud, encompassing modernization and design, enable clients to understand their storage requirements for private cloud computing as well as develop an architecture that meets their needs.
    • HP Cloud Applications Services for Windows Azure accelerate the development or migration of applications to the Microsoft Windows® Azure platform-as-a-service offering.

  • Consuming enterprise-class cloud services

    Organizations need rapid and secure sourcing of compute services that quickly flex to peak demands without excess capital expenditures. New and enhanced HP services that provide a cloud infrastructure as a service to address this need include:

    Transforming for the cloud era – closing the cloud skills gap

    Clients can use HP guidance and training to transform legacy data centers for cloud computing by improving the skills in their organizations. New HP services that address this need include:

    In a world of continuous connectivity, HP Converged Infrastructure is a key element to delivering the Instant-On Enterprise. The Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they need, instantly.

Snapshot analysis

What is clear is that HP, once again, is using the same marketing phrases as  everyone else is and still is expecting that it has distinguished itself from the others. When pressed on how they are different, the reply is "openness" and better architecture and execution.

In my analysis, HP has once again come out saying "We're more me-too than anyone!" Although the product and service names have been changed to protect the innocent, the content appears to be very similar to offerings already announced by IBM, Oracle/Sun, Cisco and just about every other major supplier.

As in the past, HP's products appear to be very well designed and are likely to be very useful to customers. Also as in the past, HP's processes are so detailed and conservative that HP's announcements come out after other major players have already moved. The impression left is, of course, is that HP has mastered the position of "industry followship" rather than industry leadership.

The issue is that this perception is not at all true. Due to HP's careful and detailed processes, the products are typically very good and offer a comprehensive set of features and capabilities.

HP, it appears that this barrage is built upon a list of powerful, comprehensive products and services. While many are likely to let this announcement come and go, your customers are likely to find comfort that their chosen supplier is involved in the major trends in the industry.

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