HP TouchPad Case review: Thin and light

There aren't a lot of choices for HP TouchPad cases given how short a time the tablet has been on the market, so today I picked up the form-fitting HP Case.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Since picking up the HP TouchPad on launch day I have been using it in a variety of places. The tablet is either in my hands getting a workout or in a gear bag on the way to a coffeeshop where it will soon be hard at work. I have used the TouchPad for different things, not the least of which is as a content creation device. The latter makes it clear to be functional the TouchPad needs to be in a case, one that makes it possible to prop it up at a comfortable angle for typing and/or viewing. There aren't a lot of choices for cases given how short a time the TouchPad has been on the market, so today I picked up the form-fitting HP Case.

The HP Case is reminiscent of the original iPad case by Apple, it is thin and constructed of a rubbery black material. The TouchPad snaps easily into the portfolio style case, with a front flap that closes to protect the screen when the tablet is not being used. This front flap folds over the back and with the use of a tab with velcro can be manipulated to prop up the TouchPad in two positions. The first is a gentle angle that presents the TouchPad in a position for easy onscreen typing in landscape, and the other props the tablet up at a tall angle for viewing the screen.


The HP case adds little weight or bulk to the TouchPad, keeping the package as portable as possible. The construction is nice and the case feels solid in the hand when using the TouchPad. The tablet snaps securely into the case, and is easy to remove as desired. The tablet is very secure when propped up in the case with no danger of falling over due to good weight distribution.

I use the Touchstone dock which wirelessly charges the TouchPad when sitting in the dock, and I was skeptical about HP's claims that the tablet could be charged while in the case. I can delightedly attest to the accuracy of HP's claims, as the TouchPad does indeed charge right through the case. It even charges the tablet with the front flap folded over behind the tablet, thus presenting two layers of case the charging must pass through. I don't know how this works exactly, but the charging works in either portrait or landscape orientation. It is a testament to both how thin the HP Case is and to how well the Touchstone charging dock performs.

The HP TouchPad case retails for $50, a very high price for a case of this type. I bought mine at Fry's Electronics where it was priced at the same price as HP sells it for online. There aren't many cases available for the TouchPad so if you need a case as I did you may be stuck paying that price. Fry's was the only outlet stocking the cases based on my exhaustive search. If you are willing to pay the high price the HP Case does work well.

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