HP TouchPads in Australia will be supported for at least a year

HP has confirmed to a tech blog in Australia that TouchPads sold down under will be supported for the next year.

The product life of the HP TouchPad has been as short and rocky as any gadget in memory. It went from gigantic launch event that created big buzz in the mobile technology space, to killed by HP in just a few months. The HP TouchPad, the first and only tablet to see daylight running webOS, was cancelled by HP just weeks after the product hit the market.

The only information from HP about the future of webOS is that the company is pursuing a future for the platform that may include licensing it to other companies. HP has stated it will continue developing webOS for the foreseeable future, but has not publicly stated what to expect regarding support of all of those TouchPad tablets sold in the bargain bin.

The Gadget Guy is reporting tonight that HP's Eric Chou has indicated that "Australian users of the discontinued TouchPad will continue to receive support for their tablets for the next year." It is logical to assume that TouchPad owners elsewhere will be supported for the life of the warranty of the devices, too. After the year passes it is not clear what can be expected, it likely depends on what HP ends up doing with webOS the platform.

Thanks to Twitter user @webosinternals