HP unveils new six-way NetServers

Three new enterprise devices announced
Written by Sonia R.Lelii, Contributor

Hewlett-Packard announced yesterday that it is selling three new six-way enterprise servers at prices typically associated with four-way models. The company is adding the NetServer LT 6000r, LH 6000r and LH 6000 to its L-series server family. HP said customers who purchase one of the systems between May and June will get a rebate equal to the cost of two processors.

All three enterprise devices support Intel's Pentium III Xeon processors. Other shared features include an embedded RAID controller, cache that expands to 128MB and an optional battery backup that works up to 72 hours. The servers' I/O slots handle 64-bit architecture and have a 100MHz bus speed. Each also supports RAID levels 1, 3, 5, 1+0, 3+0 and 5+0.

HP also introduced the NetRAID 4M controller, which can be used in any NetServer. The NetRAID 4M is an integrated, dual-channel, 64-bit wide Ultra2 SCSI device.

The servers differ in number of hot-swappable hard drives and I/O slots, as well as in storage design. The LH 6000 models have 216GB of internal storage capacity, 12 front-accessible hot-swap hard drives and eight PCI slots. The LT model has 72GB of external storage, four front-accessible hot-swap hard drives and six PCI slots.

The LT 6000r will start shipping in two weeks, while the LH 6000 models are available now. Depending on configuration, each server ranges in price from $25,000 to $30,000 (£15,500 to £18,600), including the rebate. The NetServer 4M is priced at $2,155 (£1,336) for 64MB and $2,331 (£1,445) for 128MB.

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