HTC Athena may be the most powerful Pocket PC Phone Edition ever

HTC was believed to be working on a UMPC/Tablet PC device, but the HTC Athena may actually be a high-powered Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition with UMPC-like functionality and capabilities. If you are looking for a portable device for surfing, GPS navigation, email, and more then this may be a better alternative than a full laptop or Tablet PC.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
HTC Athena

Credit: Slash Gear

I posted some news regarding the rumored HTC Athena over at Geek.com today and wanted to let my readers here also know about this device. It was believed that HTC (High Tech Computer) would be coming out with a UMPC device, and they still may be in the future, but the Athena actually looks to be a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition device. If it turns out to be an actual device then this baby will have everything, but the kitchen sink with a phone, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, VGA display, attachable keyboard, 8GB drive, and more. The keyboard looks a bit too flat to be very useful in the photos available online, but this may not be a final release device. I will be meeting with HTC at CES in a couple weeks and maybe they'll reveal more details of the device at that time.

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