HTC leadership departures don't necessarily mean the company is done

Several people have recently departed HTC, but that doesn't mean the company is shutting the doors. There may be marketing strategy changes, a focus only on Asia, or some other strategy we do not yet know about.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
HTC leadership departures don't necessarily mean the company is done

You may have read the news that several people have recently departed HTC, either on their own or on HTC's terms, but I think the proclamations that HTC is done are a bit premature at this time. There are still many great people at HTC and the HTC One is a fantastic product that I personally highly recommend and have purchased for myself.

As you know HTC has seen regularly falling financials for over a year and when people see this type of performance they usually expect changes in leadership and strategy. HTC has wonderful employees and people that I generally like so while it is very painful to see some of them depart, it is not unexpected to see leadership changes with such financial results. We would actually expect it from a company who is trying to get back on track.

We don't know about the inner workings of HTC and maybe there are serious internal conflicts and issues causing these recent departures. I still know many great people working at HTC and hope they all continue to work to refine and perfect devices like the HTC One. I am getting questions from people asking if they should return their HTC One with these leadership changes and I can't tell you what to do, but I am keeping my device since it is still great even without the awesome people I know working at the company.

HTC may be making these changes in marketing, some in product departments, to change things up. These changes may including bringing most of the work back to Taiwan and focusing on the Asian market, which is actually a huge market that could sustain a company like HTC without US and worldwide sales on a smaller scale than what we see now. HTC may also have a new marketing strategy in mind and be looking to focus that message from their home country. 2013 will be a defining year from HTC. I wish all of those who recently departed the best and know that with their talents and energy they all will succeed.

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