HTC releasing Boost+ for all Android devices, designed to optimize performance

The new HTC 10 comes with Boost+ installed, but HTC is also releasing a version for other Android phones on the Google Play Store this week.


One of the new pieces of HTC software included on the HTC 10 is Boost+. HTC is providing this application to non-HTC devices as well and it should appear in the Google Play Store within the next couple of days.

HTC Boost+ is designed to optimize the performance of your device. We've seen utilities like this from other manufacturers, such as LG's Smart Cleaning. Boost+ will help you optimize, declutter, fortify, and maximize your device's performance.

HTC Boost+ comes preloaded on the new HTC 10 so I've been using it for the past couple of weeks. When you launch the app, a quick status check is performed with the storage and memory status appearing around a circle at the top of the display. Below this you will see buttons for the following:

  • Boost: Tapping the Boost icon shows you apps consuming RAM and with a single tap you can clear RAM from all of the pre-selected apps.
  • Game battery booster: To extend battery life, you can use the game battery booster to change the display resolution to while playing games you individually select.
  • Manage apps: The app manager simply lets you see how much storage your apps are consuming and lets you remove them from your device.
  • Clear junk: A cool polar diagram appears showing you where the junk is. You can clear cached files, temporary files, app installers, and ad files here.
  • Lock apps: With this utility you can add passcode access to specific apps to make sure your data remains private and secure.
  • Settings: Have your phone send you a notification when junk reaches 1GB in size or when apps are not used for a month. You can also enable smart boost so that memory is cleared automatically in the background to optimize your phone's performance.

While Boost+ is available for non-HTC devices, there are a couple limitations on what is available for these devices. Game battery boost and manage apps are not available for these non-HTC devices. Smart boost is enabled by default on HTC devices.

Boost+ is powered by HTC Corporation. HTC has been developing mobile software since the first Android devices, with a focus on delivering the best user experience for customers.