IBM launches virtual-storage-optimisation product

The company has launched Virtual Storage Optimiser, a product it claims can make virtual image storage more efficient

IBM has launched a virtual-storage-optimisation product that it claims can help reduce the costs of virtual storage.

Released on Tuesday, the Virtual Storage Optimiser (VSO) is designed to work with IBM's Virtual Infrastructure Access (VIA) services: IBM's cloud-computing remote-access offering. The product is based on an algorithm from IBM Research.

Aimed at schools, the public sector and financial institutions, VSO is designed to reduce physical storage requirements for virtual images. IBM also claimed in its Tuesday statement that VSO can help in creating new virtual machines quickly.

"We can deploy a number of fully customised desktops that are created in minutes instead of hours," said Lance Hundt, computer and network support specialist at Gainesville State College. "Our virtual environment experienced around 80 percent storage savings."

The product is also designed to work with VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, IBM said on Tuesday.

No UK pricing was available at the time of writing.