IBM PartnerWorld 2011

Comments from IBM's PartnerWorld 2011 in Orlando
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I'm in Orlando, attending IBM's PartnerWorld 2011.  I'll try to find time to update this post several times during the day.

7:30 ET

It's clear from my initial scan of the agenda, that IBM intends to use its clout with partners to create a broad ecosystem to support its cloud initiatives. It intends to help its partners develop cloud expertise by supporting five types of business partners.

Here's the list of specialties IBM has defined and how IBM defines them:

  • Cloud Application Providers -- deliver business applications via a subscription model through the cloud such as Software as a Service
  • Cloud Builders -- design, build and manage clients' cloud needs, typically integrating with existing infrastructure and public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Cloud Infrastructure Providers -- provide a public cloud infrastructure or Platform as a Service on which application providers and companies can host their offerings
  • Cloud Services Solution Providers -- resell multiple public cloud services and offer complementary services such as training and integration
  • Cloud Technology Providers -- provide the tools, services, and technologies -- such as cloud management, billing metering and monitoring -- that help clients use the cloud more effectively

This is a very comprehensive list of specialties. IBM is also planning to jointly market its partners cloud products and services. It will also help finance the development of some partner offerings.

10:15 AM Roundtable discussion with IBM's Andy Monshaw

Andy is the General Manager of IBM's Mid market efforts. He spoke about IBM's mid market strategy. It boils down down to three main points:

  • Be consistent
  • Have the right offerings (not scaled down, dumbed down, large enterprise software)
  • Must be business solutions/outcome oriented

He went on to focus on what it takes to help partners be successful and how IBM needs to address them and their needs. It was an interesting conversation from a person who speaks plainly and is a straight shooter.

1:15 PM Luncheon talks

IBM didn't want to let an opportunity to keep analysts engaged go by, so there were three presentations through the lunch hour.

  • Steve Mills, Sr. VP, Group Executive IBM Software and Systems, talked about the event and what IBM has been hearing when they talk to partners. He said
    • IBM has been seeing a slow, steady return to investment in IT
    • The investment is focused on cost control and efficiency
    • He touched on the "Smarter Planet" and "Data Analytics" themes of the event.

  • Jim Corgel, IBM General Manager ISV and Developer Relations, echoed the themes introduced by Steve and went on to talk about how IBM is setting up its cloud programs (I mentioned them at the top of this post)
  • Christopher Clinton, Sr. VP, Global Channel Management, of TradeCard, talked about his company's cloud-based software that helps companies connect with supply chain partners, trade information, and, one would hope, profit by the communication. As an aside, the last time I spoke with Chris was when he was with Citrix and I was with IDC. It was good seeing him once again.

4:30 PM

Bob Hoey, IBM's General Manager, General Business, Global Technology Services spoke. It is clear that his presentation was brought to you by the words "analytics" and "cloud." It's clear those two words combined with "outcome based solutions" are the message of the day.

Micro Strategy and Music Mastermind presented an interesting IBM public cloud-based solution for musicians.


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