IBM to sell online in UK

Big Blue offers a range of PCs over the Net, catching up Dell and Compaq

It is now possible for British computer users to quench their thirst for a range of IBM's PCs, notebooks and servers directly over the Internet for the first time ever.

IBM has previously only sold computers indirectly in the UK but customers can now buy directly from the corporation through its Web site. IBM is, however, only following in the footsteps of its main UK rivals, Dell and Compaq, in embracing the Internet and offering British consumers this option as part of its sales strategy.

Nevertheless, this is a bonus for those who haven't started thinking about Christmas shopping as IBM has promised customers who place orders before 20 December that they will receive their computers before Christmas day.

Customers can order either via the web at or via a freephone number 0800 169 1460.

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