IBM wraps up all your sustainability schemes up in one big package

IBM's latest sustainability consulting service helps you roll up different "green" initiatives into a comprehensive sustainability strategy.
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Which of your buildings is the most energy-efficient? Is some of your office-equipment fleet more environmentally sensitive than the rest? Which of your suppliers does their part when it comes to being a green business?

IBM's last business consulting service focused on environmental and sustainability issues is called Sustainable Asset Analytics. It focuses on designing processes to track everything from real estate to carbon data to asset lifecycle maintenance information. For example, IBM says it worked with Natural England, an environmental consulting company in the United Kingdom, to develop a carbon reduction strategy focused on better managing travel, property management, information technology and its other procurement activities. In so doing, the company has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions already by 25 percent, with an ultimate goal of a 50 percent reduction.

IBM offers this podcast with IBM consultant Simon Parsons to explain the new offering in more detail.

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