<i>Doctor Who</i> special materialises on mobile phones

BBC signs content deal for Red Dwarf episodes too

BBC signs content deal for Red Dwarf episodes too

Sci-fi fans will be able to view episodes of cult shows Doctor Who and Red Dwarf on their mobile phones as a result of a new licensing deal signed by BBC Worldwide with Rok Player.

The deal is the first time BBC Worldwide has licensed full-length video content for use on mobile phones.

The Rok Player and content is carried on a Digital Video Chip format, which works with a range of mobile phones, with prices expected to be around £17 per chip.

The content which the BBC is making available is the Doctor Who special, 'The Five Doctors', and three episodes of Red Dwarf.

Marc Humphrey, business development manager at BBC Worldwide, said in a statement: "BBC Worldwide is always looking for new opportunities, both in the UK and abroad, that allow consumers to enjoy their favourite TV content again and again, while delivering additional revenues to the BBC and to the talent behind the classic programming.

"The Rok Player meets these demands, delivering high quality full-length episodes to mobile phones on a commercial basis."

Rok Entertainment Group is predicting that this mobile content platform market will be worth £100m per year within three years in the UK alone.