If Copenhagen's talkers suprise us...

Can Copenhagen lead to some kind of global agreement?

What if the major air polluters really do reach some accord in Copenhagen? We now have the EU, US, India, Brazil and China agreeing to cut emissions. Russia seems to think they have an advantage if carbon cuts are made mandatory. However, the EU says pledges so far are too little to do much good.

If there is some global agreement, those who hate the idea of regulating greenhouse gas emissions will claim the economy is going to be dstroyed. It will bring the end of life as we know it. And maybe all your personal freedoms will disappear, too. Liberal economists poo-poo the economic claims. To be fair, the same economic disaster accusation was made when government moved against acid rain. When DDT was banned, there were cries that it would destroy American agriculture.

If there is some agreement at Copenhagen, the European press is already previewing their intention of crediting President Obama.

Those who are cold on global warming arenot giving up.Senator Inhofe (R-OK) stongly opposes EPA's move on greenhouse gases, and Inhofe himself is going to Copenhagen to convince attendees that global warming is not real.

A long-time environmentalist recently wrote an essay saying he sees big business making major moves to curtail global warming. And he poo-poos the idea that green tech is bad for the economy. He sees many new jobs in growing industries. Jared Diamond goes on to tell environmentalists to stop seeing corporations as the enemy.