If you think Apple competes with Android, you're wrong.

Apple is the King of the Mountain in Consumer Device Kingdom. To worry about competition is just a royal faux pas.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor on

I read an article this morning titled, "Foxconn CEO: iPhone 5 ‘Will Put Samsung Galaxy S III to Shame’," and as I read, I wondered two things: "Why the heck is Foxconn's CEO discussing the new iPhone's features?" and "Does Apple really compete with the Android market?" The answer to the first question is, "He shouldn't be. His company manufactures and assembles Apple devices because Chinese labor is cheap, not because anyone cares what he thinks." And, we don't, by the way. The answer to the second question is, "No."

Apple operates in a vacuum. They always have. Apple's designers aren't thinking about whether an Android phone has this or that extra battery-consuming port or another useless feature, they're focused on building a product that people want. And, one that people want to pay a lot of money for. I doubt anyone at Apple says to a coworker, "Hey, dude, did you see my <insert Android-based phone name here>, it has this. We should totally put one of those on the next iPhone."

Nope, not a conversation that you'll ever hear.

Apple has never done things like other tech companies. Never. They've never fallen prey to analyst opinion or competitor bling. Why should they? They're the innovators, not the imitators. Apple produces the products like they want them to be--not like Android-designers think they should be. Apple builds them and we buy them by the millions. People camp outside of Apple stores and Apple product retailers to ensure that they get a new Apple device. You don't really see that with Android products.

The reason is that Apple products have what we want and what we don't even know that we want until we see it. That's why Apple is the most successful tech company ever.

To Foxconn's Gou, "Dude, you're the purveyor of cheap assembly line labor. Don't think that you and your company can't be easily replaced. You can be. You're no Tim Cook. Tim is the only one who should speak on behalf of Apple about it products."

If you think that Apple competes with Android, Windows, Blackberry or any other phone or tablet device, you're wrong. Apple builds on itself. Competition to Apple is what happens on the volleyball court during morning and afternoon break.

Android device designers and manufacturers are the ones competing for market share and consumer visibility, not Apple. If you don't believe me, watch for those campers prior to the Galaxy S III's release. Take some pictures with your iPhones and send them to me.

What would really be funny is (If you think Apple competes with Android, that is) to stage a camp out for the next Android phone release. Take some pictures and have some fun. It's sort of a harmless Occupy movement. We'll call it the Androidify movement.

OK, so you have your assignment: Androidify and photograph. If you really do it, I'll setup a website and post your pictures and comments. The website is androidifymovement.com. In a few hours, I'll have news up about it on the site. Watch for tweets and other updates.

What do you think? Does Apple really have any competition for customers or is it just wishful thinking on the part of other vendors? Talk back and let me know.

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