IGClick denies customer allegations

IGClick customers say the ISP is forcing them off its service for no reason. The company says that's just plain wrong

Complaints that unmetered ISP IGClick is throwing people off the service and setting up 30 minute cut-offs have been vigorously denied by the company.

One of the glut of ISPs offering unmetered access, IGClick promises users unlimited Internet usage for a yearly fee of £30, plus a £50 registration fee. ZDNet UK News has received several complaints that the ISP is throwing users off the service without reason and that it has instigated a 30 minute cut-off period. Many of the complaints focus on poor service.

A spokesman for IGClick denies these allegations, claiming that users are only taken off the service if they are using it to run a business. "Some of our staff accepted business customers on to the residential service and in these cases we will offer an upgrade or compensation," he said. The spokesman denies that the firm has set up a 30-minute cut-off, claiming this is due to a technical hitch.

"We had a problem with our servers but we are hoping it will be solved in the next few days," he said.

ZDNet will follow the developments around this issue.

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