iiNet investigates TransACT network attack

iiNet's engineers have launched an investigation following an attack on servers in the TransACT network yesterday.

Australia's third-largest internet service provider (ISP), iiNet, has launched a full investigation into a security breach of its TransACT network, believed to be affecting the email servers of one of its subsidiaries.

ZDNet understands that the attack on TransACT's network came through the email servers of its subsidiary Grapevine. iiNet acquired Grapevine, along with the Canberra-based TransACT, in 2011 .

A spokesperson for iiNet said the company would be launching a full investigation into the attack, but it is believed that no data had been compromised.

"iiNet's systems have detected suspicious activity within the TransACT network today, which appears to be a limited attempt to compromise the TransACT network. There is no evidence that any data transfer has occurred. No personal or corporate data has been affected," the spokesperson said.

"As is appropriate when these attempts are detected, engineers are conducting a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the attempt. Further information will be made available once this investigation is complete."

The spokesperson said that iiNet would not be contacting the Privacy Commissioner to notify it of any data breach until the investigation has been completed.

iiNet is in the process of migrating TransACT's customers over from the legacy billing and email systems to iiNet's own systems. According to an iiNet representative on Whirlpool in October, the billing system migration had been almost completed, but the mail systems had yet to be migrated.

"The Grapevine customer base is almost completely migrated into our billing system; however, mail/system migrations are done after billing migrations to ensure the customers exist in the authoritative systems first," the representative said.

"Several of the recently acquired ISPs are due to be migrated onto a newer mail platform being built to provide services to all brands, including these affected Grapevine users. Right now, AAPT customers are already on this platform with test cases for other brands."

It is understood that iiNet will soon also begin migrating its Canberra-based VDSL2 customers over to iiNet's systems.