In Australia, setting up homeowners and architects

The Alternative Technology Association helps homeowners meet the home designer of their dreams.
Written by Sun Kim, Contributor

Just like dating, any successful relationship between an architect and client often starts with chemistry and is built on trust. But misguided and misunderstood intentions can create an unhealthy and stressful situation.

Australia's Alternative Technology Association is setting up speed dating style sessions for homeowners and architects. Based on a previous event that was part of Victoria’s 2010 State of Design Festival, "Speed Date A Sustainable Designer" lets homeowners (quickly) meet with building designers without any obligation. The 'dates' are 10 minutes long so homeowners need to be organized, bringing photos, sketches and ideas, to get the most out of the designers' expertise.

The benefits are the same as any dating service model that removes the awkwardness of approaching strangers, and there's a huge array of people to pick from. As an architect friend, who uses online dating sites, explains, "It's kind of like shopping.  You can go in there with your preferences, see how people present themselves, and go on a low-stakes date.  If it doesn't work out, no big whoop."

The Alternative Technology Association isn't the first or only building organization to adapt the dating service model to the industry, but focusing on the residential market is a brilliant, and timely, move for an industry whose projects and image are stalled.

The events will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane starting in mid February 2012. Watch the short YouTube video of the first Speed Date A Sustainable Designer event held in 2010:

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