In Copenhagen, window shopping for jobless professionals

There's a creative new way for jobless professionals in Denmark to market themselves.
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In Denmark, there's an oversupply of white-collar talent. Despite having a relatively low unemployment rate, it's estimated that 41 percent of Danes who earn their master's degrees are still jobless one year after graduation. Making yourself standout is of the utmost importance for higher-ranking professionals.

DJOEF, a professional trade union in Denmark, has come up with a surprising way to market jobless professionals: have them trade places with storefront mannequins.

That's right, job-seekers in Copenhagen are promoting themselves in the windows of Reputation, a Danish advertising agency, The Wall Street Journal reports:

Catching people's attention is exactly what more than a dozen job hopefuls in Denmark's capital are looking to do, even though they seem to be ripping a page from Amsterdam's famous red-light district to achieve their goal. After pounding the pavement for two years in some cases, highly trained professionals—ranging from lawyers to former CEOs to tax experts—are standing in line to get a seat in the "exhibit."

Passersby can get more information on the job seeker by scanning a QR code to see a presentation by the potential employee or just go behind the glass to talk with them.

So far the stunt seems to be successful. The exhibit is being extended to meet demand. And three participants, according to Reputation, got jobs after only a few days in the window.

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