In New York, computer programming is 'literacy of the future'

Computer programming is "literacy of the future," according to HackNY co-founder Evan Korth. A CNNMoney video demonstrates how computer science majors have a leg up on the economy.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Here's a tough pill to swallow for those of us who wrinkled our noses at STEM majors like computer science in college: students majoring in the field in New York are seeing anywhere from 10 to 20 tech companies reaching out to them before graduation.

Talk about having a leg up on the economy.

A new video from CNNMoney shows just how important software development is in the 21st century -- and where, in difficult economic conditions, there is strength.

"Many students, whether they're computer science majors or not, are starting to understand that coding is literacy of the future," New York University professor and HackNY co-founder Evan Korth said to Poppy Harlow.

Here's the video:

Photo: Matylda Czarnecka/Flickr

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