In Paris, a smart and chic bus stop

Architect designed Osmose provides more than just a nice place to wait for the Metro.
Written by Sun Kim, Contributor

For the next several months, the city of Paris will be testing "smart stops", interactive outdoor public transit stations. Designed by French architect Marc Aurel and developed by Italian street furniture company Metalco, the stations offer a designer waiting experience.

Named Osmose, the sleek steel shelters house more than a nice place to wait. A stylized map of the city on glass is actually a heating element that provides a comfortable low temperature while waiting. Two touchscreens post real time Metro information and allow users to find nearby places of interest. The shelter also provides courtesy power outlets.

Other niceties include

  • a ticket office
  • a self service recharging station for electric bikes
  • a travelers' library based on "take a book, leave a book"
  • gentle alerts that signal when a bus is approaching

Considering the number of people who take public transportation, and how much space those people take up on the street while waiting, investing in larger and nicer waiting spaces makes sense. Leave it to Europe to inject style into one of the most pedestrian activities.

Via: Dezeen

Images: Copyright Metalco

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