In Singapore, a walkway inspired by our DNA

The Helix Bridge in Singapore gives a new, scientific, look to the Marina Bay walkway.
Written by Beth Carter, Contributing Editor

The Helix Bridge in Singapore, a result of yet another design competition, was designed by the Australian company, Cox Architecture and Design. Receiving first place after knocking out 35 other entrants, the bridge is the final piece of the puzzle in the walkway that surrounds Singapore's Marina Bay.

According to Cox, the curve of the footbridge was designed to be a delicate, lightweight counterpart to the bridge for cars that evolved out of the double-helix structure.The description continues:

"This form enabled the canopy, required by the brief, to be integrated as segmented panels of glass and perforated steel, unlike other bridge structures. The structural typology also proved highly effective in working to a curvilinear plan, and in generating an intriguing sense of movement flow along the journey."

At night, the bridge is lit up by ribbons of LED lighting that accentuates the helixes and their connecting ties. Four pod-like structures jut out from the bridge, allowing pedestrians to see the bridge from a bigger angle while providing a space for people to look at the many events that occur in the bay.

This cool-looking structure is also multi-functional: it doubles as an outdoor gallery for drawings and paintings done by local children.

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Images: Cox Architecture and Design

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