Indian students prefer Samsung over Nokia, Apple

Samsung has emerged as the most preferred brand among Indian high school students, who also prefer social networking tools, over SMS and voice calls, as the primary method to communicate with friends.

A survey of about 17,500 Indian high school students found that Samsung is the most preferred mobile brand, followed by Nokia and then Apple.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) released the results of its "Web 3.0" survey into how mobile and social technologies are used by "post-millennial" consumers born after 1996.

The study, conducted between August to December last year spanned 14 cities. It found the most preferred electronic device manufacturer was Samsung (48.28 percent), followed by Nokia (46.46 percent), Apple (39.56 percent), and HTC (36.54 percent). Nearly 65 percent own a mobile phone, while 50 percent own a phone featuring an Android operating system.

Social networking is the most popular form of communication, with 74 percent of respondents using Facebook, compared to 54 percent that use SMS. Both trump voice calls, which are used to contact friends 44 percent of the time.

(credit: TCS)

Ajoy Mukherjee, executive vice president for HR at TCS, said the insights will help the outsourcer recruit and manage new talent.

"The survey shows the increasing comfort levels that the post-millennial generation exhibit with digital technology, social networking, smartphones and gaming, which helps us create conditions to unleash their creativity and innovativeness. This can help us not just attract the best of their talent but also aid in keeping them engaged and energized," he said.