Industry analyst Judith Hurwitz: "Break a lot of glass" [podcast]

In this podcast, distributed computing analyst, Judith Hurwitz, explains why so many IT projects fail.

Judith Hurwitz has been an enterprise software and distributed computing analyst for a long, long time. She's seen big systems and small, watched waves of technology come and go, and truly understands the issues driving successful IT. Judith is currently CEO of Hurwitz and Associates, a research and strategic guidance firm, and is co-author of SOA for Dummies.

Industry analyst Judith Hurwitz

In this podcast, Judith explains why so many IT projects fail. Despite her belief that failures arise from mismatched expectations and lack of alignment between business owners and IT, Judith's message remains positive:

Successful organizations have a CEO who views IT as a strategic asset. If you execute IT strategically, move fast, and break a lot of glass along the way, you can achieve dramatic results.

During the interview, Judith also discusses failure scenarios for Service-Oriented Architecture projects, and offers advice on how to make large SOA initiatives successful.

If you're a CIO or business manager who wants successful projects, then this podcast is for you.