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Insights from the 2013 SAP Mobile Operator Guide

Check in on the how the next generation of mobile is changing the world for mobile operators. Download your free copy of the SAP Mobile Operator Guide 2013, The Evolution of Mobile Services: Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities.

Is there any technology more disruptive than mobile? It’s changed the game of communication, banking, payments, and gaming just to name a few. When I got my current phone, a colleague asked me what I thought of it.

“Really fast, smooth interface and it seems much quicker when browsing,” I told him.

“But what about call quality?” he asked.

His question made me realize I hadn’t yet bothered with making a call. Today my phone does everything, but the last thing I use it for is calls!

Well, things are going to change all over again. But this time, it isn’t new devices that will make the changes, but rather a fundamental shift in the technology than mobile networks.

Mobile operators that have been shepherding consumers into this brave new world are now getting back what they’ve been giving out. LTE has arrived on the scene, and is paving the way to better, faster connections and loads of new services such as real-time video broadcast.

That said, SMS continues to be the number one non-verbal communications tool, and the most effective direct marketing channel ever created. In emerging markets, it’s the mobile service of choice.

It’s an exciting space. The inaugural edition of SAP Mobile Services’ Mobile Operator Guide offers a snapshot of the industry right now. What makes this guide different is that instead of being written by SAP, it has been written by those who are out there implementing these services today. Contributors come from mobile operators, technology enablers, industry forums, and respected analysts and industry commentators.

Whether you’re looking for critical information and clear direction for developing your own mobile strategies, or just want to gain a better insight in to what is driving this change in the industry, download your free copy here.