Intel powers up battery friendly mobile chips

Ever wished your battery lasted longer?
Written by Heather McLean, Contributor on

Ever wished your battery lasted longer?

Intel is set to release two chips that could increase the battery life of mobile phones and handheld devices. The two chips - PXA210 and PXA250 - are modifications of the StrongARM chip that Intel acquired from Digital Equipment over three years ago as part of a legal settlement. PXA250 has been developed for handheld devices and will run at 400 megahertz so devices can be made with bigger screens and run multimedia applications. The PXA210 is designed to be used in mobile phones running on GPRS and EDGE networks plus 3G when it is available. The chips are part of Intel's foray into the wireless world and the company plans eventually to introduce a single smart chip that will contain functions including memory and logic. Intel licences basic ARM technology from UK-based ARM Holdings. Intel's new chips will be available this summer. Waiting customers include Casio, Hewlett Packard, NEC and Toshiba.
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