Intelligent economy

Analytics drives the new organization
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

Long-time readers of this Weblog will recognize Britton Manasco's name as the founding co-author. When we first launched back in November 2004, Britton was the guiding hand in formulating and articulating the vital issues and opportunities in the SOA space. Britton's message always was to keep your feet on the ground and examine where and how SOA will help drive new business opportunities.

Now, Britton has launched a new Weblog, called IntelligentEconomy.com, which dives into the hidden patterns and market shifts that are enabled by technology, but also leveraged by innovative and proactive management.

Britton recently posted a list of the most noteworthy management innovations from 1900 to 2000, as cited by Harvard's Gary Hamel, adding some of his own insights as well:


  • Scientific management (time and motion studies)
  • Cost accounting and variance analysis
  • The commercial research laboratory (the industrialization of science)
  • ROI analysis and capital budgeting
  • Brand management
  • Large-scale project management
  • Divisionalization
  • Leadership development
  • Industry consortia (multicompany collaborative structures)
  • Radical decentralization (self-organization)
  • Formalized strategic analysis
  • Employee-driven problem solving
  • Competing on analytics


  • Skunk works
  • Account management
  • Business process reengineering
  • Employee stock ownership plans

Yes, business process reengineering, which we talk about a lot in relation to SOA, got the thumbs down. However, radical decentralization, another vital element of SOA, gets the thumbs up.

Congrats, Britton, on a great new site.

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