Internet usage in Singapore

How many Singaporeans are surfing the Net, how long are they staying online and where do they go to? Some of the findings in NetValue's latest report on Internet usage, January 2001.

· Nearly one-half of the households in Singapore are connected to the Internet
· Significant increase in Audio-video streaming

SINGAPORE - Global Internet measurement firm NetValue reports its findings on Internet usage behaviour in Singapore for the month of January 2001.

Who's Using the Internet?

Nearly one-half of households in Singapore (47.4%) are currently connected to the Internet. A comparative study of the past two months' data has shown the penetration rates to be consistent at 47.5% % and 47.4% in December and November 2001, respectively.

With 52.8% of the abovementioned households already connected to the Internet for two years or more, Singapore has a 'mature' Internet population in terms of Internet experience.

The younger generation in Singapore is reflected to be more Internet savvy, with the 15 to 24 year olds accounting for the highest percentage of Internet users (37.6%), followed by the 25 to 34 year olds (31.1%) and 35 to 49 year olds (26.4%).

What Are They Doing On the Internet?

30.6MB of data downloaded in January 2001!

In the month of January 2001, each user surfed, on average, 21.8 minutes per session and 9.1 hours per month. Interestingly, over one-half of Internet users in Singapore used the Mail (55.5%) and Instant Messaging (51.4%) protocols. Additionally, it was observed that the proportion of audio-video usage amongst Singapore Internet users increased significantly from 25.8% in November to 31.6% in January 2001. This translated to approximately 30.6MB of data being downloaded in the month of January 2001.

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Taking into consideration the following:
· Reach
· Number of days each Internet user connects to the site
· The unique and total number of pages viewed and
· The time spent and number of sessions per user

Results indicate that Yahoo, both as a property (with and and as a domain ( comes in on top.

Local players SingNet, Asiaone, and Pacific Internet show their presence though, coming in 4th, 7th and 8th positions, respectively among the big players.

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