Introducing VMware Workstation 6

VMware Workstation 6 - Similar enough to previous versions so as to not present a huge learning curve, but with tweaks and new features added where they were needed.

Yesterday I upgraded to the latest version of VMware Workstation - Workstation 6.  After having had the opportunity to use it now I think that this new version is a worthy upgrade.

VMware Workstation 6

Check out the VMware Workstation installation and new features gallery here. 

I have a philosophy when it comes to new versions of software that I use a lot.  What I like to see is a new product that's familiar enough so I can get on and use it without having to dive into the manual too much, but at the same time I like to see a crop of new, useful features.  VMware Workstation 6 delivers on both of these expectations.

I expect to have a more in-depth review of Workstation 6 after I've had a chance to use it more, but here are a few initial thoughts:

  • I had no problems upgrading from version 5.5 to 6.  Everything worked flawlessly.
  • Having been using version 5.5 yesterday, I'm certain that version 6 is faster and more responsive.
  • The promotional offer that allows you to pick up the ACE Option Pack for free is a good deal.  I've used both Workstation and ACE (Assured Computing Environment) and being able to pick up both for the price of Workstation is a good deal.
  • Being able to work with virtual hard drives as mapped drives is really cool.  Being able to virtualize a running system is also very cool.  Power users will instantly come up with cool uses for these features.
  • Finally, a VMware for Vista, I can now stop using Virtual PC 2007 (which is OK, but very primitive compared to Workstation). 
  • Support for multiple monitors - very nice indeed!

Check out the VMware Workstation installation and new features gallery here.  

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So, it's safe to say that I've very pleased with the upgrade.  This is a product that's going to get a LOT of usage!

For more info, take a trip over to the VMware website.