iPad 2, gamification and gesture control

Stories of the month - March 2011...
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Stories of the month - March 2011...

Along with the UK launch of the iPad 2, March brought a sense of fun as gamification and tablets entered the workplace.

In an exclusive interview, Aaron Dignan, author of Game Frame, explored the idea that the workplace could learn a thing or two from the world of gaming, in Bored staff? Gamification could change all that.

Meanwhile, HSBC explained why banks have been cautious with social media and how it plans to expand social-media interaction, in HSBC banks on slow but steady social-media revolution.

With the internet running short of new addresses, Tim Ferguson gave silicon.com readers the low-down on the internet protocol IPv6, which will significantly increase the number of IP addresses available, in IPv6: Cheat Sheet.

Chief reporter Nick Heath investigated the latest developments in futuristic gesture-control technology in his feature, Gesture control: Touching the future of computing.

After the much anticipated release of Apple's iPad 2, the analysts gave their verdict. Some said they felt the iPad 2 was more of an iPad 1.5 but others had strong praise for the updated tablet, in iPad 2: What the analysts said....

Natasha Lomas revealed how innovative enterprises are starting to take tablets seriously as a result of their increased portability and intuitive operating systems, in Tablets vs desktops: Fun beats functional.

The perils of passing on personal data through the sale of used mobiles were highlighted in the report, PINs, bank and card data left on second-hand mobiles.

silicon.com readers were also warned of the risks of losing clients and business partners through slapdash emails, in Email etiquette: Five tips for ensuring sloppiness doesn't cost business.

The failure of the Zune - Microsoft's answer to the iPod - to grab the attention of consumers caused Seb Janacek to muse on Microsoft's struggle to make an impression on the emerging tablet and smartphone markets, in Apple Talk: Zune's doom hints at Microsoft gloom.

Following on from International Woman's Day, silicon.com reported a lack of women working in the tech industry, in Few women in IT, few even trying to get into IT.

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