iPhone 4 death grip reaches Australia

Many people have blamed the iPhone 4 "death grip" issue on U.S. AT&T. But testing in Australia showed otherwise.
Written by Joseph Hanlon, Contributor on

Before the iPhone 4's midnight launch in Sydney, Australia a few weeks back, we asked the folks lined up around Optus and Telstra what they thought of the iPhone 4 "death grip" issue. The answers we got were strikingly consistent: that this is a problem with the AT&T network in the US and not something we need to worry about in Australia.

By this time we had already finished our preliminary testing of the iPhone 4's network reception and we had seen first hand the death grip in action, but given the controversy around this issue CNET Australia decided to take another look. Here are the results.

As you can see, in all cases except one, the death grip had a significant effect on the signal as displayed by the phone itself, but in two of the test sites out of the three it was impossible to fully kill the signal altogether.

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