iPhone replacements

Reader suggestions and comments on a potential iPhone replacement.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Since I posted iPhone - is it a good tool for traveling business people?, I've been getting many Emails from wonderful readers. Quite a few of the messages indicated that these readers view their mobile devices as much more than merely communication tools.  Quite a few appear to entrust their whole life to their mobile device.

Wireless Providers

It appears that nearly all the messages that mentioned a U.S. wireless provider, recommended Verizon Wireless.  They praised the 3G coverage and overall service in the cities I mentioned in the post, Boston, New York and San Francisco.

No one mentioned T-Mobile or Sprint. I wonder why.

So, I rode over and visited the Verizon store. I found their procedures to be unacceptable. Even though the sales people were standing around and the store was empty, no one would speak with me. I spent about twenty minutes looking at various devices and reading about Verizon's service plans and no one, absolutely no one offered to help.

They spent their time chatting with one another while I walked down the displays and read about the phones.  If they present this type of behavior prior to making the sale, what could I expect afterward?


I was impressed by the number of devices people recommended. The Blackberry crowd thought that the Storm 2 or Bold would be a good tool for someone making heavy use of Email and the Web. A few other models were mentioned as well. The Bold and the Storm 2, however, were mentioned far more often than any other models.

The Windows Mobile folks mentioned the HD2 (which is, unfortunately unavailable in the U.S. at this time) and the Touch Pro2. I enjoyed working with my HTC Advantage during the time I owned it.  I must admit that I wasn't fond of Windows Mobile 6.0.  I will take the time to seek out the HD2 when it becomes available to learn if Windows Mobile 6.5 fixes the things that I found so irritating.

Android phones, specifically the Motorola Droid and the HTC  DROID ERIS were mentioned even though they don't support GSM and thus, wouldn't be much use when I visit my UK office.  I understand that Motorola as a GSM version of the Droid in the works.  It has been seen in Germany.

Quite a few chastised me for criticizing their iPhones. They told me that most, if not all of my issues could be attributed to AT&T Wireless' network issues. The phone, however, was a piece of pure artistry and transcended today's state of the art. Since I embraced my "jerkdom" years ago, I wasn't bothered by the names and personal descriptions some chose to offer instead of suggestions.

I'll keep on looking.

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