Is IT becoming just a service broker?

The folks at ASG Software Solution believe that enterprise IT departments are becoming service brokers and that the industry should focus on IT as a Service. ASG's CloudFactory is designed to address this transformation.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Torsten Volk, VP of product management, ASG Software Solutions, discussed something his company sees as an up-and-coming trend. IT is evolving from designing, implementing and running custom applications and services to being a broker of third-party applications and tools.

ASG believes that it would be wise for enterprises to transition from operating their own mainframe configurations for all applications to a reasonable mix of cloud services and local applications. This, Volk believes, would help organizations move past the time when IT was often seen as a bottleneck rather than facilitating corporate agility.

One of the main points Volk discusses is that an organization's staff and customers have gotten used to the experience they have when using web services such as Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Information is available when requested with few to no delays. These services are always available and call attention to the times when an organization's own applications are performing badly or are unavailable.

He acknowledges that IT is chartered to keep applications running, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain corporate security. He points out that ASG's CloudFactory is designed to address these issues.

Do you agree with his viewpoint?  What is your organization doing in this area?

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