Is the New York Times going to charge for their WPF reader?

It looks like the New York Times Company may charge for their WPF based reader. I think this is a good sign for Rich Internet Applications because it helps reinforce the idea that a rich experience adds a lot of value. In this case, it is a big company looking at the market and deciding the rich experience adds enough value to charge extra.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor

Very interesting post by Staci Kramer over at paidContent. She quotes a spokeswoman at the New York Times as having this to say about the possibility of charging for the NYT reader that was built with Microsoft using Windows Presentation Foundation:

We're still working on this and haven’t announced anything at this point. There are several different approaches we’re looking at.

But Stacy also notes a comment from Arthur Sulzberger, the chairman of the New York Times Company:

'I very much believe that the experience of reading a paper can be transferred to these new devices.' Will it be free? No, Sulzberger says. If you want to read the New York Times online, you will have to pay."

New York Times Reader

I was one of many to cover the NYT reader and I still think it's a great application. What I find so interesting about this development is that a man like Sulzberger sees the richer interface as a value add that the company can charge for. Currently, web content from the New York Times is available with a free account, but as the world becomes more digital, the company needs to find a way to monetize their content. Part of that is advertising, but it seems that another part of it might be charging for a richer digital experience. That's a good sign for RIAs

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