Is the Windows Phone app gap just perceived? Nielsen study shows we only use about two dozen apps

With research showing people only use about two dozen apps, it's hard to believe you can't find those on Windows Phone today.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

We constantly hear the argument that there may be some missing apps on Windows Phone, so people won't give it a try and write off the platform. I have to wonder if there really is an app gap today or if it is just a perceived app gap based on one's previous experiences or reading what iOS and Android fans want you to believe.

TechCrunch posted some Nielsen study results that show consumers actually appear about tapped out on apps at just over two dozen while their usage of these selected apps continues to increase.

Is the Windows Phone app gap just perceived? Nielsen study shows we only use about two dozen apps

When you look at the breakdown of those primary apps people are using you will see that most time is spent with search, social, and entertainment apps and Windows Phone excels in those areas. Photography also saw the highest percentage of growth over the last year and we all know that Nokia Lumia devices excel in photography.

I have been using the Lumia 1520 and 1020 as my primary smartphone for a few weeks and the only apps I find lacking are those that connect with fitness trackers via Bluetooth Low Energy and that functionality is reportedly coming with the full version of Windows Phone 8.1. On the other hand, I find that Cortana amazes me daily while the keyboard can't be beat.

Before I see another article slamming Windows Phone for its perceived lack of apps, I would like people to try Windows Phone side-by-side with an Android or iOS device and report on what apps they actually are missing on Windows Phone. There are indeed some specific apps, but for most people there is no real app gap today.

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