Is this the HTC 2007 Windows Mobile lineup?

HTC is the premier manufacturer of Windows Mobile devices and a Russian website has posted a possible 2007 roadmap. 6 new devices that we haven't seen any rumors of before were revealed, along with some possible photos of the devices. It looks like HTC will be adding an integrated GPS radio to many of its devices and continue to upgrade its current crop of Windows Mobile Phone Edition and Smartphone devices.

HTC (High Tech Computer) manufacturers most of the Windows Mobile devices out there and also started selling their own label devices a few months ago. The T-Mobile Dash that I use regularly is an HTC device. I was reading my RSS feeds and saw that PDA 24/7 posted an HTC 2007 roadmap that shows 5 new devices. The original story came from a Russian website (translated in English) that has lots more details on the devices and also talks about a 6th device.

HTC Wings

The devices have codenames of Omni, Kaiser, Elf, Panda, Wings, and an unnamed clamshell Smartphone. There is not much known about the Omni, but the information they posted states that it may be the long-awaited sequel to the HTC Universal and have a VGA display with large QWERTY keyboard. It may be a bit smaller than the Universal and sport much of the same specs. The Kaiser is an update to the very powerful HTC Hermes with an integrated GPS radio and it may be coming in the Spring. The HTC Elf is designed to be fashionable and sports a touchpad (similar to what HP tried with their iPaq 4700). The HTC Panda is another mid-range Phone Edition with a QVGA display over 3 inches. The Wings looks like the HTC Vox, but adds a 3G radio, GPS, and a more powerful processor. The Wings is supposed to be a non-touch screen Smartphone, unlike the rumored Libra. The last device looks to be an update to the HTC Star Trek and is a clamshell Windows Mobile Smartphone with an integrated GPS radio. It seems that integrating GPS into their devices may be the new trend at HTC in 2007.

These 6 new rumored devices are in addition to the HTC Athena, HTC Libra, HTC Cavalier, and HTC Vox that were revealed earlier. The website has details on these other models with a possible price of the Athena at a whopping US$1,700. 2007 looks like another big year for HTC and I hope to see some of these rumored devices at CES in a couple of weeks.