ISP pays users to go online

Desperately trying to come up with new enticing ways to tempt people online, yet another ISP start-up has launched with a cunning plan -- it pays you to surf. claims to be the first UK company with the idea although the plan has been cited by several venture capitalists. Users need to download software from the Web site which installs an ad bar at the bottom of their browser. While it remains on screen, surfers will be paid. Three targeted ads will appear per minute to each user.

Those hoping to get rich quick will be disappointed. will pay out 25p for every hour online, rising to 50 pence if users introduce three friends to the scheme. Members will be able to earn a maximum of £20 per month and will be paid either by cheque or in 'Sharkpoints' that can be spent online.

For advertisers, will offer a profile of members interests, the sites they visit and other personal information.