ISS extends support to Red Hat

Security company says it is keen to support open source systems, which are increasingly prevalent in large organisations
Written by Richard Thurston, Contributor

Internet Security Systems (ISS) claims it is making it easier for companies to manage complex and heterogenous IT systems by expanding its support of open source operating systems.

Recognising that more companies are using open source systems alongside existing proprietary ones, ISS has extended its intrusion-prevention support for open source servers.

"Enterprise IT departments are often held accountable for supporting multiple operating systems across the corporate network, and one of the main challenges associated with these disparate platforms is maintaining a high level of security and regulatory compliance across all of them," said David Abercrombie, senior product manager, ISS.

The company announced this week that is offering support for the latest version of Red Hat — RHEL 4.0 AS/ES — within its Proventia Server and RealSecure Server Sensor products. Sixty-one percent of its customers are evaluating or migrating to a Linux environment, ISS said.

The announcement marks the first open source support within the RealSecure Server Sensor product. Proventia has supported earlier versions of Red Hat since April.

ISS is also now supporting Solaris 10. Solaris maker Sun claims that 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies have Solaris 10 either in development or production.

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